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*cries forever about tokyo ghoul*

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This is ridiculous. Somebody hold me back, or I am going to walk across the street and destroy every single person singing “Let it Go” at the karaoke box.

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(出典: mysteryarelife)

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Gファンタジー10月号 ― アニメート限定特典カード

Ugh current anime I’m watching now as I wait for more episodes of Sword Art Online 2. Sebastian, you are one evil/perfect hell of a butler ! XD Black Butler season 1

I can’t tell if you’re watching for the first time or re-watching an old favorite, but just in case, you should know that season three just ended. The new arc picks up the manga canon right after the curry arc in season one, and it’s really well done. If you haven’t seen it already, I’d definitely encourage you to watch it. I’m pretty sure funimation and crunchy roll have it licensed for streaming. (Season two is pretty much entirely filler, though I still managed to enjoy it.)

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Yuya Matsushita as Sebastian Michaelis in the Kuroshitsuji Musicals     2009-2014
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"c’mere you"

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Men Gothic Suit

-Korean frock coat in silver and black brocade woven fabric, collar with rhinestones, combined with black satin trouser, black brocade period waistcoat

Amadeus in silver lace matching with handkerchief, black cameo brooch pin with crystal rhinestones and “Beethoven” collar shirt with cuff in silver lace.


The slappy-hands fight that would break out between the StuntHusband and I over the ownership of most of this outfit would be EPIC.

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Snake is the only white haired anime boy to survive an anime but in trade for that his family and friends died 

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I brought a pair of binoculars to my second viewing, but I still couldn’t tell how it was done. =A= My other friend sat at the front and she said that butler Grell didn’t look like Uehara.

AAAAND when Grell showed her true form for the first time, the red ribbon was still tied around her hair. If you add every factor together it just seems unlikely that Uehara did the whole thing on his own.

I hope we get an answer in the DVD backstage footage though =A=

Yeah, on the one hand, I want my DVD right freaking now because I have a burning need to hear Madam again. On the other, I am flat broke, and I have an animate event to attend now, as well as the last gengaten. (I didn’t want to, but I think it’s time to break the ice on my American credit card.)

It’s like a freaking miracle that this is all happening while I’m in Japan, and I doubt it’s going to keep up forever. I feel like with the undertaker stuff and the double Ciel business, we might actually be heading toward the last few arcs of the manga. I don’t want to miss anything. =A=

Also, I have issues with opera glasses. I rented a pair at a Takarazuka show once, but they made me kind of dizzy and I felt like I was missing things outside my field of vision. So, second or third time: maybe. First or only time: nah.

Well, my friend sat on the 1st row yesterday and she said she actually saw them exchange places. So it has been confirmed that the butler Grell was played by someone else. =w= Urgh the transformation was so well done!

It was <333 At least now, we know for sure!

Also, I’m totally stoked because my friend is taking me to see the live viewing on October 5th <33. I get to hear Madam again!

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