Fanart time! Jack Frost sketch~



ok i lied THIS is the last timed drawing…

this as supposed to be hand practice but then jack (because nobody wants to see my ygo draws pfft)

it just looks like hes smelling his hands

which finger is the stinky finger


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baby tooth doodle

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{Ohhhhhhh goooooood nooooooooo}

Ok, this looks like an article from a teen-bop magazine, and we all know how reliable those actually are….they aren’t. So, in light of this, I would like to bring up a major, MAJOR point: 

DREAMWORKS AND DISNEY ARE RIVALS!!!! They are not going to get together because fans of this pairing just love it, they have their own agenda in mind. Everything about them is different anyway. Disney does Disney princesses and Dreamworks does not. They’re just different companies and this is just an insult for what they do and what people will reduce them to. 

"We’re the fans, so we must influence what they make!" WRONG. They do what they want. Yes, they do keep the public audience in mind when creating their movies, but they make what they want to make. 

Another point that I would like to bring up is that I don’t see that this pairing would actually work. If you ship them together, great, whatever, I don’t care (until this shit happens), but it just seems like a weird pairing. 

Jack Frost has been ignored for 300 years, but he learned how to have fun with what he had. After the events of RoTG, Jack is now not only in a position that he has a new family, but now he can be seen. For being ignored for over 300 years, I don’t think he would be looking for a romantic relationship. He would just want a friend/new family member. Plus, only children can see Jack, Elsa is in her twenties, so no.

Elsa is sort of in the same boat, if not a more traumatizing one. She has grown up pretty much her whole life in fear of people and of her own sister. Afraid that she’d be shunned by them or that she would unintentionally hurt someone. At the end of Frozen, you can still see that fear and uncertainty in her eyes. Yes, she not a prisoner in her home and her sister and her are friends, but there’s still a lot of trust that has to be built. She’s going to be hesitant around someone new, even more so if this person was invisible to everyone else but her. Heck, they’d probably think she had made a ‘friend’ when she was hiding away. So for Elsa, it’s the need to make a connection with her sister more than with a spirit. 

One last thing: the reasoning behind the Jack and Elsa ship, at least the reason for why they are in a relationship. 

They can make ice and snow…..


That’s it?

That’s all you need to have a relationship? No. There needs to have relationship built, not “Hey you can make ice too!? Lets fuck!” NO. Even if there are fanfictions out there that have this building of a relation, the fact that this ship even exists because they can make ice is a bad base for a relationship. 

If you ship it, find, more power to you. But when I’m forced to see articles like this and people taking them so seriously that it has to be something that everyone has to love, I get pissed. 

They won’t make a cross over movie like this, this pairing makes no sense, and the characters have their own hardship to go through before a relationship should be forced onto them.


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